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Coloured Birch Direct

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  • Painted birch branches at a wedding reception
  • Painted birch branches at a wedding reception
  • Painted birch trees at a wedding reception
  • Looking through the branches of painted birch trees to the dining tables
  • Wedding cake with painted silver birch branches in background
  • Wedding dining room with birch trees around the room
  • The bride with painted silver birch branches in the background

Decorative wedding trees for the WOW factor!

When you sit down with your wedding organiser and start drawing up lists of things to do, ordering trees may not be the first thought that springs to mind!

But that is exactly what more and more wedding organisers are doing, either to create a WOW factor on the bride and groom’s special day or to add a more natural touch to the wedding venue. Ever since William and Kate adorned Westminster Abbey with whole trees for the Royal Wedding in 2011, using trees for weddings has enjoyed a huge surge in popularity.

Real trees, boughs and branches can be used for weddings in a wide variety of ways. Even relatvely large trees can be used in their natural form in portable containers to create a warm and natural ambience in a place of worship, in gardens at wedding venues, hotel receptions and dining rooms.

Smaller trees can be positioned around wedding reception rooms using artificial stands and painted in colours carefully co-ordinated with the colour scheme of the reception room or bridal party.

There is no reason why even your wedding “wishing tree” should not be made from a real tree or a painted tree rather than the traditonal artificial version!

If you’re trying to source quantities of trees, branches or twigs for your wedding then we can supply your wedding organiser or wedding decorators with everything they need to make your special day even more memorable.

We specialise in treating and painting renewable sustainable birch trees and supply on a wholesale basis.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.